The BCM - Body Composition Monitor is device that determines individual fluid status and body composition in an easy and objective way. The Body Composition Monitor assists the physician in the convenient assessment of clinically relevant parameters:

Quantification of fluid status:

  • Overhydration
  • Total body water (V)

Assessment of body composition:

  • Lean tissue mass
  • Adipose tissue mass

Furthermore, the BCM - Body Composition Monitor helps to investigate the link between fluid status and blood pressure, therefore allowing a more appropriate prescription of ultrafiltration and antihypertensive agents.

The measurement is based on a non-invasive and accurate method that is easy to apply and results are obtained within just two minutes.

The BCM - Body Composition Monitor employs the latest bioimpedance spectroscopy techniques. It measures at 50 frequencies over a range from 5 to 1000 kHz to determine the electrical resistances of the total body water (TBW) and the extracellular water (ECW).

While high-frequency current passes through the total body water, low-frequency current cannot penetrate cell membranes and thus flows exclusively through the extracellular water.