sleep•safe® system                                                                                              APD sleep•safe® system

Automated peritoneal dialysis (APD) - type of PD when the dialysate exchange on the defined program is performed employing a special mechanical device – cycler.

The advantage of using the sleep•safe® cycler is that the dialysate may be exchanged more frequently, volume of the delivered dialysate can be changed and the ultrafiltration monitored. By the cycler the peritoneal dialysis procedure can be carried out during the night, while the patient is sleeping.

Advantages of the sleep•safe® system are:

  • Colour touch screen interface with simple icons and graphical data display
  • Automated bag identification and connection
  • Online heating of the solutions
  • Unique PIN technology for increased safety
  • Patient Card for efficient data communication
  • Pediatric therapies available
  • Adopted PD available