CompoGuard blood donation agitator

Major benefits of CompoGuard® are:

• Increased number of donations per fully charged battery

• Increased data management flexibility

• One further step towards paperless donation

• Comfortable working station

• Donors can directly monitor their donation progress

• Documentation of barcodes and sealings

• Robust transport case/ mobile table with charging option suitable for mobile donation


The cooling, transporting and storing system

Major benefits of CompoCool® are:

• Safe and standardized cooling of whole blood at +20 – 24 °C up to 24 hours

• Contributes to quality and standardization of blood component preparation:

– increased and more consistent platelet yield

– stabilizes factor VIII during storage

• Reduces component processing outside normal working hours

• Standardizes the temperature of the individual whole blood units

CompoCool® WB

The cooling, transporting and storing system

Major benefits of CompoCool® WB are:
Insulated transport box enables cooling at +22 °C (± 2 °C) within 2 hours for up to 24 hours

• Small cooling element with integrated temperature control

• CompoCool® WB box designed for ergonomic transportation


• Easy to clean

• Foldable trolley for a comfortable transport of up to 24 blood units

• Secure blood transport with sealable boxes

Compomat® G5 blood separator

CompoLab TS

Hemoglobin screening technology

CompoLab TS is one of the fastest devices for measuring hemoglobin from human whole

blood. Using a motor driven cuvette holder, operation has become very easy while ensuring

excellent measuring accuracy at the same time.

Major benefits of CompoLab TS are:

• Measures hemoglobin within 2 seconds

• Reagent free disposable not influenced by temperature and/or moisture

• Accurate measurement using broad spectrum photometer